Quiropractico Gabriel

Monterrubio Santamaria

Consultas en Queretaro Qro.

y San Miguel de Allende Gto.

About Us

With 21 years of experience, Gabriel Monterrubio Santamaria began his college career at Palmer, Iowa, United States (86-89). Her received his CCSP Chiropractic Sports diploma in 1991.
He received his Master's degree in Organizational Human Development from the  University of Celaya, 2000-2002.

Events he has participated in:

Olympics Athens,  Central American Games, El Salvador.

* Panamerican Games, Savannah, Georgia. Weightlifting.

* TKD World Championship Qro., Qro.

* Penttathol Qro., Qro.

Treatments listed in neuromusculoskeletal problems such as herniated discs, sciatica, neuralgia, sprains, lumbago, scoliosis, facet wyndrome, sacroiliax syndrome, thoracic opening, limbs.

X-rays are sent pre and post to objectively assess progress.

Good postures are important to mantain your welfare, if we add the time we spent since elementary school to college, we get many hours of tension, burden for spinal discs.